Julia Bareman

Edmonton - Strathcona
Nomination Candidate
Conservative Party of Canada

Energy - Experience

The 2019 national election will elect a fresh voice to represent the people of Edmonton-Strathcona in Ottawa. I would be honoured to be that voice. Want to show your support? New members have until June 20 to purchase a membership to vote for the Conservative Party of Canada Candidate in Edmonton-Strathcona.

My Priorities

Support for Alberta’s Economy

The people of Edmonton-Strathcona deserve a representative who understands and values the Alberta economy. They need someone who recognizes the contribution of Albertans to the economic strength of this country and the real life impact of the energy industry in this riding.

Sound Fiscal Management

One of the major failings of the Trudeau government is a lack of respect for your tax dollars and mismanagement at your expense. We need representatives who understand the importance of an eye to the future in setting a fiscal path that benefits Canadians in the long term.

Experienced Representation

I have been navigating government for nine years and understand how decisions are made. Let me be your advocate for a government that serves your needs.

Strong Communities

Edmonton-Strathcona is underpinned by well developed social infrastructure - libraries, community leagues, and festivals - that support flourishing neighbourhoods. A federal government that invests in the power of people and fosters local efforts to build connections will enhance the wellness of all Canadians, and ensure we are best prepared to support our aging population.







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About Me

I have 9 years of experience working in government policy with the provincial and federal governments. I've crisscrossed the country negotiating policies that serve Albertans and Canadians well in the areas of energy and climate change, finance, health, and foreign policy. I know that the Conservative Party is the right choice for Edmonton-Strathcona because it is the party that believes in the Alberta economy and supports policies that will build a strong future for our children.

Growing up on a family farm in rural Alberta, I lived in Victoria and Ottawa before settling in Edmonton. I chose Edmonton-Strathcona as my home, and I'm keen to bring a conservative viewpoint to delivering a brighter future for Albertans. In my spare time, you can find me checking out festivals, rowing on the river, and helping at the front desk at Edmonton’s Ronald McDonald House.


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