Energy - Experience

Julia Bareman

Nomination Candidate
Conservative Party of Canada
Here's what people are saying about Julia.
Julia is an excellent candidate: principled, passionate, and practical. Her experience in government showed her how things can in fact get done - and also why many policies fail to benefit the ordinary citizen. 

The federal election is three months away. We have a splended opportunity to push out the NDP. Please vote for Julia on July 11.
Dr. Julian Martin, former EDA President and campaign manager
I am glad to recommend my friend Julia Bareman to be your 2019 Edmonton Strathcona Conservative candidate.

A lifelong Albertan, Julia well understands the challenges facing our city and our province within Canada. With a successful civil service career, and before that a record of academic achievement, Julia brings to politics a gravitas and sophistication that is often lacking among candidates for elected office. I encourage you to support this thoughtful, capable young woman.

Daniel Mol, EDA Board Member
I am pleased to endorse Julia to be the candidate for Edmonton-Strathcona.

Julia’s extensive knowledge of interprovincial affairs will be a tremendous asset to the constituents of this riding. Julia has a proven track record working with people from other political viewpoints to get work done. She is a common sense and principled conservative who will work tirelessly to defeat the NDP in this riding and bring that same work ethic to Ottawa as our representative. 
Jennifer Benbow, EDA Board Member
The upcoming federal election will be pivotal for Canada, Alberta and the citizens of Edmonton Strathcona. It is imperative that we nominate a strong, decisive and effective candidate to represent the Conservative Party of Canada in our riding.

I have been impressed with Julia's drive, determination and dedication in seeking support for this nomination. She is a strong potential candidate. Please support her nomination.
Alan Skoreyko, former EDA President
Julia has the experience and energy to take your concerns to Ottawa. She’s a compassionate conservative who cares about her community and the future interests of Albertans. She is the strong candidate this riding needs to defeat the NDP.
Nick Koolsbergen, 2019 UCP Campaign Director